Dealership Customer Advocacy Program

Believe it or not, not all used car dealerships in Wilmington NC are out to get your money. There is this negative stigma surrounding car lots and for good reason. There are just so many out there to take your hard earn money and not really care about you at the end of the day.

There is 1 place you can go to when searching for used cars for sale in Wilmington NC that truly has your best interests at heart! How do I know? Because I’ve personally dealt with them!

One thing they do that really stands out is help their clients deal with insurance companies with respect to filing a claim and getting a fair amount back for your vehicle! On average, Bruce Cavenaugh, owner of Cavenaugh’s Automart in Wilmington, NC  gets his clients back and extra $2,000-$4,000!

This is tremendous! What other dealership will go to bat for you against the insurance companies like this?

No one!

That is why the value this dealership provides is above and beyond what any other dealership I have ever seen do. If you total your car, you simply call up Bruce and he will fight for you and make sure that you get a fair shake on your check back from the insurance companies.

So the next time you’re shopping around in the Wilmington area, and you are in the market to buy a used vehicle, you want to make sure to stop by and give Bruce a hollar! You’ll get the best customer service in town, bar none!



Welcome to BEDCO’s Website! The Business Enterprise Development Corporation is a US Treasury Department certified community development financial institution headquartered in Berlin, New Hampshire. Started in 1979 for the purpose of providing loans to new and expanding businesses, the organization now works with banks and other economic development partners to support community development lending throughout the country.

BEDCO makes direct loans to small businesses and also participates with banks in business startups and expansions. BEDCO’s lending often serves as near equity capital because the development corporation will frequently accept a second position on the collateral.

The corporation is committed to building the region’s many assets. These assets – human, institutional/social, cultural/historical, environmental, and financial – are viewed as the key to building a real competitive advantage for the region’s communities and business enterprises.

As a corporation it seeks out innovative entrepreneurs, both within and outside the region who wish to develop commerce and enterprise which is conducive to the development of the region’s rich assets.